• Medicare Bad Debt:
    We specialize in both current year list compilation and identification of additional reimbursement on prior year settled Medicare Cost Reports. All engagements include:

    • Reconciliation: We report on the disposition of all Medicare deductible and coinsurance amounts across all years. We'll tell you what you can and cannot claim...and why.

    • Comprehensive Audit Support: With your permission, we will be the primary contact with the Fiscal Intermediary once the listings are submitted. We pull and compile all required sample detail and answer all questions until the NPR is issued.

  • Outside Collection Agency (OCA) Reconciliation:
    How do you know your accounts are being returned as contracted? This impacts your Medicare Bad Debt reimbursement.

  • Policy Development:
    Whether around charity care, internal collections or OCA contracts, CDI will work with your organization to develop hospital-specific policies based on our nationwide experience.